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We are a talented family owned business that specializes in producing vinyl decal related products!

Why Choose Space Coast Decals for your vinyl decal needs?

At Space Coast Decals, we pride ourselves in providing unique and high-quality vinyl decal products for our customers.

Whether its a custom order, or a pre-designed product, we strive to provide the highest level of service 100% of the time.

High-Quality Weatherproof Vinyl

All of our standard decals are made with high-qualitgy Oracal 651 vinyl. This makes it perfect for any indoor or outdoor application.

Speciality vinyl also available upon request such as ORACAL 951 cast vinyl and ORACAL 751 marine grade vinyl.

Heat-Transfer (Iron-On) Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is perfect for creating custom fabric products such as can coolers and T-shrits.

We have capabilities to produce fabric products in-house with our very own vinyl heat press.

Glass & Slate Chemical Etching

Using vinyl stencils, we are able to chemically etch custom designs into a variety of glass and slate items.

Some products we produce include custom wine and rocks glasses, glass coffee mugs, and slate coasters.

About us

Background of our company

Space Coast Decals began its journey in 2022 when sole owner and operator Joe Carrasquillo turned his vinyl hobby into a small side business outside his primary job as an Engineer at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. I am sure you could imagine where the inspiration for the name and logo came from.

While pursuing his engineering degree, Joe spent several years working for a local printing and sign shop in Gainesville, FL. It was here where Joe gained the background knowledge and experience in the craft of vinyl decal production to lay the foundation for Space Coast Decals. Since leaving the printing and sign shop, Joe continues to hone his skill via self-teaching and determination.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Joe graduated the University of Florida with both his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Mechnical Engineering.

NASA Engineer

During the day, Joe works as a full time engineer for NASA in support of the Artemis Program.

Hobby Turned Side Business

After moving to the Space Coast for work, Joe used his vinyl decal knowledge to keep up the craft as a hobby for friends and family. Soon after, he decided to give it a go selling his items online via Etsy and was presented with promising signs that this could become a true business venture.


While the services provided by Space Coast Decals are limited with respect to a commecial shop, we are constantly striving to expand and upgrade our capabilities. Hopefully we are able to suit your vinyl decal needs!

Custom Vinyl Cutting

The roots of Space Coast Decals! We provide custom vinyl cutting services for your unique needs.

One-off and Large Scale Orders

We can produce vinyl products for one-off needs, or we can mass produce large scale orders.

Heat Press Services

Utilzing heat transfer vinyl, we have the ability to create a diverse set of graphic products such as shirts, can coolers, and other fabric based items.

Chemical Etching

Vinyl stencils allow us to create permanent etched designs into glass and slate materials - bringing youyr design to life in a unique way!

(Coming Soon) Full color printing and cutting services

We are working hard to upgrade our equipment in order to provide our customers with services in full color printing and cutting. (i.e. Die-cut graphic stickers)

Shipping Services

We can ship anywhere in the U.S.A. Check out or F.A.Q.s below for more information.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the highest level of quality service and be the best that we can be.

Our Values

We pride ourselves in being fair & open, reliable & trustworthy, dedicated, and passionate about the quality of work we produce.


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Nurse Life Can Coolers

NASA's Artemis Program Slate

Bulk Mini NASA Worm Decals - Dual Color

NASA Worm Can Coolers

Nursery Wall Decals

Etched Artemis Program Rocks

Custom Mr. & Mrs. Wine Glasses - Wedding Gift

Set of Coasters for a Marine


Most commonly asked questions

  • What brand of vinyl do you use?

    Vinyl brand and type is dependent upon specific application.Our most common brands are as follows:

    ORACAL 651: For general purpose permanent application.
    ORACAL 751: For marine grade applications.
    ORACAL 951: Special requests - highest quality cast vinyl from ORACAL.
    ThermoFlex: Heat transfer/iron-on applications.

  • Yes we do! Shipping price is depenendent upon size and weight of the order. Most non-bulk orders ship for as low as $2 if the product can fit within a 12"x10" flat, rigid mailer.

    Shipping price will be included is cost estimate at time of quote.


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